My state of the art sound package is up-to-date, versatile, and capable, from simple talking head interviews to film sync sound national commercials to multi-character “lifestyle” show work. 5 wireless lavs, stereo “hops” to camera, 8 track recording ability “in the bag”, smart slate and sync box, ComTeks for the client - “that’s how I roll” and I have it all in the van, ready to go, every shoot. HD isn’t just a video standard. It means sound is now CD-quality from the camera, including prosumer models used for many “reality” and “lifestyle” shows. Through edit, broadcast, and end-user viewing, the entire audio signal path is digital and high resolution. Unique details and subtleties of voice and environment that help define a story are now heard by the audience. Your voice tracks will be heard front and center. High quality field sound is more important than ever. I’ve been recording location sound for over twenty years, both in the U.S. and abroad, and truly enjoy delivering high quality sound for picture. I’m comfortable working in a variety of settings with many types of people, and take pride in being a team player. Being an owner/operator, all of my equipment was purchased new, and is only used by me, insuring that my gear stays in top-notch condition and performs properly on every job. This approach makes me a sound mixer you can count on.